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It's time to automate your social media posting strategy.
Save time, money & the headaches of sourcing User Generated Content.


Get Reposted & Boost Your Social Media Presence.

Struggling to get re-posted on your favourite Instagram accounts?
Leave it to us. If your favourite page is a partner with us, you have direct access to submitting your own posts!

Why Choose us

Streamlined Social Media Management for Business Owners

Unlock the potential of your brand’s social media presence with SocialFlo’sinnovative solution. Users become your content contributors, submitting repost requests that seamlessly integrate with our cutting-edge post scheduling software. 

For business owners, this means a hassle-free experience—effortlessly approve and schedule posts without the need to curate content or craft captions.

SocialFlo isn’t just a platform, it’s your ally in strategically elevating your brand’s visibility in the competitive social landscape.

✨ User-Generated Content

Let your users become your content creators, providing diverse and authentic content that resonates with your audience.

🌐 Automated Processes

Streamline your social media management with our automated system that syncs approved requests with your post scheduling software.

⏱ Time-Efficient

Save valuable time as users take the lead in content creation, allowing you to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Empowering Your Brand's Social Journey!

Helping Brands as well as your Consumers GROW together.

SocialFlo, your all-in-one solution for effortless social media exposure! With SocialFlo, users can seamlessly submit repost requests online, showcasing their content on their favorite Instagram pages. Our streamlined process ensures that these requests are swiftly reviewed and approved.

What sets SocialFlo apart is our seamless integration with cutting-edge post scheduling software. Business owners can effortlessly approve and schedule posts, eliminating the need to search for content or craft captions manually.

SocialFlo takes the hassle out of social media management, allowing you to focus on what matters most – connecting with your audience and growing your online presence. Welcome to a new era of simplicity and visibility with SocialFlo!

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How It Works

Effortless Social Media Management

1. User Signs Up

Users start by signing up on SocialFlo, connecting with your brand effortlessly.

2. Content Type Selection

They choose the content type they wish to have reposted, be it captivating images or engaging videos.

3. Submission Form Completion

Users then embark on a seamless submission process, uploading their chosen image or video, crafting their unique caption, and selecting their desired post time for maximum impact.

4. Automatic Post Schedule Request

Business owners receive the post schedule request seamlessly in the backend of the post scheduling software. The automated process ensures a quick and efficient transfer of user-submitted content for review and scheduling.

5. Content Review and Scheduling

Your team reviews the content and strategically schedules it for automatic posting. This streamlined process not only elevates your business's social media presence but also promotes the user's personal social media accounts, fostering increased engagement and brand loyalty.

6. Repeat & Grow!

The beauty of SocialFlo lies in its repeatability. Users can continuously submit fresh content, ensuring a steady stream of diverse and engaging posts that elevate both your brand and the user's social media presence.

We've created the relationships for you!

We’ve fostered valuable partnerships with Instagram pages boasting a collective following of over 100k devoted followers. This creates an incredible opportunity for users submitting repost requests as they tap into the vast potential of our expansive social media reach.

By leveraging these well-established connections, our users can maximize the impact of their content, ensuring it reaches a broader and more engaged audience.

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